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Lavoro, pronunciation: /la’voro/ is an Italian verb meaning, “Work”.

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Christmas Bureau of Edmonton

On behalf of everyone at the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, thank you for your passing the plate by sponsor program by sponsoring 20 Edmonton families in need.

You worked hard to build your wealth. Make sure your wealth is working hard for you.

Most Canadians have limited resources and competing demands, but studies show that households who work with a financial security advisor save at almost twice the rate as those who do not.* That’s because an advisor can help you identify the gaps and will work with you to come up with a financial security plan that meets your current needs and future goals. We can help you select the most suitable products and strategies for every life stage and will help keep your financial security plans on track as your life circumstances change and evolve.

Maximize your wealth. Live the life you want.

Increase your net worth. Partner with a financial security advisor. An advisor can help you find more money to save and make the most of your investments–regardless of your income or life-stage.

Investing in segregated funds policies. Why is there a fee?

A management expense ratio (MER) is the total* cost to invest in a standard series segregated fund policy. It’s important to note that you do not pay the MER directly; rather it’s paid by the fund itself, which reduces the value of your investment accordingly.

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