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Lavoro, pronunciation: /la’voro/ is an Italian verb meaning, “Work”.

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Maximize your wealth. Live the life you want.

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Increase your net worth. Partner with a financial security advisor.

An advisor can help you find more money to save and make the most of your investments–regardless of your income or life-stage.

Advised households:

  • Save at double the rate of non-advised households. (8.6% annual savings vs. 4.3%)*
  • Have, on average, four times more investable assets than those with no advisor**

Take charge of your financial future. We can help you develop a more disciplined approach to savings and investing.

* CIRANO, An Econometric Analysis of the Value of Advice in Canada, 2012
** The Investment Funds Institute of Canada, The Value of Advice: Report, Nov. 2011

The value of planning ahead

Canadians with a financial security plan are almost twice as likely to feel “on track” with their financial affairs as those who do not.*

But don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach to your financial future.

Your financial security plan should be as individual as you are and should reflect your life stage, personal circumstances, and future goals.

A financial security advisor will take the time to understand your current situation, help you identify your future needs, and will work with you to customize a plan to help you meet them.

We have the experience to help you build a foundation of financial strength, and the expertise to help you maintain your long-term strategy as your life circumstances evolve.

** FPSC, Value of Financial Planning, 2012

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