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Christmas Bureau of Edmonton

Christmas Bureau of Edmonton




February 3, 2017
Lavoro Financial Group Ltd. 
7240 82 Ave NW 
Edmonton, AB T6B 0G1

Dear Shirley,

On behalf of everyone at the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, thank you for your passing the plate by sponsor program by sponsoring 20 Edmonton families in need.

Know that as you and your family and friends celebrated during the festive season, that your act of kindness provided a festive celebration for the families who received your food hamper. This year, 1,465 families received help through the hamper sponsor program.

Please share our appreciation with everyone involved with your hamper sponsorship this year.

Have a joyous New Year.  We look forward to working with you again during our 2017 campaign.



Ann Wilson and Carol Crowe, Hamper Sponsor Coordinators

Darlene Z, Kowalchuk, Executive Director

Gift the simplest of traditions, sharing a meal.

Your act of kindness can impact someone for a lifetime.

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