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Lavoro, pronunciation: /la’voro/ is an Italian verb meaning, “Work”.

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Why "work" with the Lavoro Financial Group Ltd.?

You worked hard to achieve your goals and get where you are today. We work hard to earn your trust and earn your business. We work with you to implement a customized, comprehensive financial security plan for your family, your business, or your practice.  We work as the key trusted advisor for you or as a trusted member of your team.

Our advisors are committed to continuing professional development. Each member of our advisory team holds a minimum of one designation. Our advisors are Certified Financial Planners or are actively working toward this gold standard designation.

Our Process

Lavoro process image
Lavoro process image

How do we get paid?

We strongly believe we provide customized value added advice, and partnership in financial security planning otherwise you would not do business with us. That advice provided by Lavoro Financial Group comes through many years of experience, education and professional development. We are committed to staying with you during the good and difficult times.

Our advisors discuss our methods of compensation with our clients prior to conducting business. Management fees are disclosed at the point of sale.

  1. Our Certified Financial Planners may charge a fee for service (flat or hourly rate).
  2. Investment management fee based on the assets you have with us under management.
  3. Commission - typically embedded in the insurance or investment product. Often it is the companies you purchase products from such as insurance products or investments that pay the advisor. This may include a combination of upfront commission and/or trailer fees.
  4. We may also be liable to repay all or some of the commissions paid to me if you cancel or move your business elsewhere.
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