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Lavoro, pronunciation: /la’voro/ is an Italian verb meaning, “Work”.

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Products and services for professionals

You’ve worked hard to build your practice. We want to help you protect it. Whether you’re starting a new practice or maintaining an already successful one, we can help you address your concerns and needs, including:

  • Individual disability insurance protection – This is often overlooked. One of your greatest assets is your ability to earn an income. This protection can provide an income to help maintain your family’s lifestyle, education and retirement goals.
  • Overhead expense insurance – This helps cover fixed business expenses (such as utilities, rent, salaries and property taxes) while you are disabled.
  • Key person insurance - This coverage can provide benefits to your company in the event of the loss or disability of a key employee.
  • Buy/sell agreement funding and succession planning – Using cost-effective insurance coverage to fund partner buy out in the event of death, disability or retirement.

Protecting your employees

In today’s competitive market, attracting and retaining quality employees can be challenging. Offering cost-effective group benefits is often essential for competitive employee compensation. These benefits could include:

  • Health and dental insurance
  • Critical illness insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Group retirement plans

Protecting you and your family

Income protection – Insurance to help protect your family’s lifestyle, education and retirement goals in the event of your unexpected death, disability, or critical illness.

Retirement planning – You’ve worked hard over the years and want to get money out of your business for retirement in a tax-efficient manner.

Mortgage life insurance protection – With a personal life insurance policy, you own the policy. You have the freedom to switch your mortgage to another lending institution without jeopardizing your life insurance coverage.

Estate planning – Plan to leave your estate to your heirs or a charity in a tax-efficient manner.

We offer value-added services including creating financial security plans customized to help meet your professional needs.

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